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  • Marie Mills

    "We first met Michael when he installed a ‘Smart Vent’ in our home a couple of years ago. The Smart Vent is extremely quiet and has removed all condensation and musty smell from the house and made it so much easier to heat. Our only regret is that we wish we had installed it years ago. Michael is very professional and now does all our electrical work." 


Evolve House with points

SmartVent Evolve Controller

Become the climate expert in your home with the easy to use, fully automated Evolve controller to maintain your comfort. Your tablet can also be used for music, games, browsing or reading your emails.


Stay Connected

The Evolve system includes a router to create a local network or connect it to your home Wi-Fi for anytime, anywhere access. And you can download the latest updates, so you will always have the latest in home ventilation technology.


Superior Fans and Filtration

The high performance centrifugal fan draws air through SmartVent’s F7 pleated filter, removing pollutants and improving the air quality.


Temperature and Humidity Sensors

The key advantage of Evolve is the multiple sensors that monitor the temperature & humidity in the home and select the appropriate air source. Filtered air is then delivered into the home from either the roof space, outside or from within your home to ensure the best ventilation available.*